Supporting Birth Diversity

We support birth - all birth. This includes:

-Uncomplicated, uneventful, live birth, and all related birth plans and decisions

-NICU, adoption, surrogacy, ART, birth trauma, pregnancy and infant loss

-We provide support prior to, during, and after birth in any trimester and outcome

Our experiences of birth and bereavement are profoundly intimate and personal, and yet they have an irrefutable influence on our family, our community, and even our global culture. Supporting Birth Diversity means to hold these truths in reverence. Every bereaved individual has the right and the potential to give birth to healing.


Bereavement Services

If you are experiencing pregnancy loss, infant loss, or a difficult diagnosis; I am truly sorry. You are not alone.

I am a certified Stillbirthday doula, and as such am here to support you in the birth of your baby-in any trimester, in any outcome. I also provided continued support support in the postpartum period as your process your loss and begin the journey to healing. I am a safe space to tell your story and work with your grief. Grief is not linear, and it does not look the same for everyone. I will help you consider all your options in the welcoming and farewell time with your baby.

Bereavement doula services include:

  • Free consultation

  • Prenatal visits, as time allows

  • Phone, text, and e-mail support

  • Full labor and birth support

  • Photos (I am not a photographer, but will capture photos as I can)

  • Extended postpartum support for bonding and memory making

  • Assistance with introduction to siblings, family, and friends.

  • Assistance with funeral or memorial arrangements

  • Lactation and postpartum resources

  • Grief support and resources

  • 1 postpartum visit

  • Extended postpartum support by phone, text, and e-mail


There is no cost for bereavement doula services.

I use a love offering, pay-it-forward system called 'Love Steps Forward' to provide for families. All funds go directly to covering the costs of serving bereaved families. If you would like to support these families, please click here.