What is this?

Love Steps Forward is a stillbirthday-wide program to support your local stillbirthday doula (SBD), so that they can then be financially capable to support your community in the ways that he or she is trained and certified to do. 

The purpose of Love Steps Forward is to create opportunities for you to give to your SBD, and by so doing, giving to your community.

How does this work?

This is about your community, and your gift serves your community.

Each $5 you give, merits a Love Stamps paper.  On your Love Stamps paper you can write a note for a family in need from within your community to receive.  Your note can be a message of encouragement and support for her.  This part – the note writing part – is optional but makes it so special.

This site, social media, and the stillbirthday Instagram will be used as a way of promoting your gift (or you may chose to have your gift announced anonymously). We will only post your Love Stamps with your permission.

When a local family seeks the services of a stillbirthday doula, your gift allows her to be embraced with the love and support she needs. Love Stamps also become a tangible keepsake of written encouragement.