My Story

I've always been fascinated by birth. In middle school, I would rush off the bus to watch 'A Baby Story' every afternoon. After graduation, I was sitting at home trying to decide what to do in my gap time before transitioning to college. It hit me like a ton of bricks - I could be a doula! I researched different organizations and training and started the next week.

Since then, I’ve continued my education to become a birth & bereavement doula, placenta encapsulator, and childbirth educator. I love to learn, and take continuing education courses often. I was honored to receive the Stillbirthday Luminary designation in 2017. I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s in nursing, to become a certified nurse midwife in the future.

I have lived in Savannah my entire life, and can't imagine living anywhere else. When I'm not doula-ing, I love teaching toddlers, baking, reading, and caring for my pets.


My Training

Certified Birth Doula - New Beginnings Doula Training

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula - Stillbirthday University

Certified Placenta Expert - BEST Doula Training

Certified Educator - BEST Doula Traininig

Rebozo Certified - Gena Kirby


Continuing Education

LGBT-Inclusive Obstetrics and Nursing Support

The Cultured Doula Program

Acupressure for Birth

100% Doula Membership