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Natural Pregnancy & Birth Savannah (FB Group)

MotherToBaby - Medications During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Preapre Your Body: Decrease Muscle Tension

Prepare Your Body: Increase Pelvic Stability

Prepare Your Body: Correct Alignment

Prenatal Cervix Checks

Why The Final Weeks of Pregnancy Are Critical

The Last Days of Pregnancy: A Place of In-Between

Labor & Birth

Motherboard Birth (Birth Plan)

Printable Birth Affirmations

EBB: Pain Managment Series

Eating & Drinking

IV Fluids

Comfort Measures

All About {Pain] Medications

Vaginal Exams

Delayed Cord Clamping

Making Informed Decisions

Healthy Birth Your Way

Waking the Neighbors

The Vulnerability of Birth

Every Person at Your Birth is an Intervention

Visitor Guide

Birth Positions

The Big Push

Perineal Protectors

Protecting the Perineum

Perineal Massage Research

Perineal Massage How-To


Documentary: Business of Being Born

Documentary: Why Not Home?

Documentary: These Are My Hours


Earth Mama’s Free Lying-in Postpartum Plan

Timeline of Postpartum Recovery

Undie Sundae (Dermoplast can be substituted for EpiFoam)

Padsicles (Sitz herbs available for purchase)

Postpartum Support International

PSI Georgia Chapter

New Mom Mental Health Checklist

Postpartum Anxiety and Depression in Plain Mama English

Baby Care

The Fourth Trimester – AKA Why Your Newborn Baby is Only Happy in Your Arms

Evidence and Ethics: Circumcision

Your Whole Baby

Sleepy Littles (FB Group)

CarSeat Safety (FB Group)


5 Things to Do in Your Baby’s First 24 Hours to Help Ensure Breastfeeding Success

Laid Back Breastfeeding

Self Attachment

Milky Mommas (FB Group)

Hand Expression

Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed)

MotherToBaby - Medications During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding



Placentophagy - Research & Literature Presentation

Effects of Placentophagy on Postpartum Iron Status

Placentophagy among women planning community births in the United States

17 Hormones in Encapsulated Placenta

14 Trace Minerals and Elements in Encapsulated Placenta

Placenta Encapsulation: Why I Did It and My Experience

Should Christian Mothers Eat Their Placentas?


TENS During Labor

TENS: The 'Natural Labor' Tool No One Talks About

TENS Unit for Labor Pain Relief

TENS for Pain Relief During Labor and Delivery

For Partners & Children

What should I say to my partner in labor?

27 Smartest Things Partners Say in the Delivery Room

How Fathers Contribute to Birth

What the Heck is a Doula and Why Do We Need One?

Advice For New Dads On Leaving the Hospital

Empowered Papa


Mamamor (Handcrafted Birth & Breastfeeding Dolls)

Preparing Your Child to Attend A Sibling's Birth

Sibling Preparation eBook

ABC Homebirth