Rebozo Workshop with Gena Kirby

I am so happy I finally got to do this training! While I was at Stillbirthday Homecoming, Gena posted on Facebook asking if anyone would want to come to a workshop in Tampa. That's only 4 hours away (the closest she's been to Savannah), and I knew she was taking next year off! So I contacted a colleague and we decided to split the gas and drive time and go!

We learned more than just rebozo techniques, we learned about truly connecting with and loving a woman in labor. I recommend this workshop to anyone working with pregnant and laboring women.

Gena is an amazing, passionate teacher. When explaining what true undisturbed birth is, and what birth can look like, her voice cracked and tears welled up in her eyes. That moment, I knew this was the woman to learn from. This is a woman making a difference in the birth world. This is a woman I can look up to, and want to learn every possible tidbit from.

I had a blast and made some truly amazing friends! I can not wait to use what I have learned with my clients.

Also, Gena's books, Rebozo Me Mommy and How to Sell Your Client a Bridge are incredible and so worth reading! Learn more about Gena, her books, and workshops at: