Preparing for Birth, 6 Week Series

This comprehensive course will prepare you for any type of birth you are planning. You and your partner will be fully prepared for labor and birth. Even if you aren't planning an unmedicated birth, you will learn your options and how to reduce your risk of interventions and cesarean birth.

The focus is on physiologically normal birth and coping techniques. Even with a planned epidural or cesarean, most everyone will experience contractions to some degree, and it is best to be prepared for everything. We will cover common interventions, inductions, and cesarean birth.

"Planning for something doesn't make it any more likely to happen, it only makes it more likely that you're going to have a positive experience." -Amanda Deauvreaux

The course fee is $300, which covers 12+ hours of instruction time for you and a partner, your course journal, access to the Prepared Feeding video series, and access to guided meditations learned in class.


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