What does a doula do?

'Doula' comes from the greek doúlos, meaning servant. A doula is a trained professional who offers physical, emotional, and informational support to families before, during, and after birth. Your doula is your walking birth encyclopedia, knowing your options, what's normal, and how to help.

Doulas are not only for the birthing parent, but for partners, too! A doula can be a go between, helping them help you. Doulas also step in, giving partners a break to take care of themselves without leaving the birthing parent with no support.

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Doula Services $800

2 comprehensive prenatal visits

Rebozo and instructional class

Phone and e-mail support during pregnancy

Lending library access

On call availability

Labor and birth support

Postpartum phone and e-mail support

1 postpartum visit

*If you find yourself wanting a doula, but you find my fee unmanageable, please reach out! I am happy to work with you.


Additional Services

Preparing for Birth Comprehensive Course - $200

Preparing for Birth Weekend Class - $150

TENS Rental - $30

SuportingHer online partner class -

Additional prenatal/postpartum visit - $50


Placenta Encapsulation:

Basic Package - $175

Preferred Package - $200

Deluxe Package - $225

Premium Package - $250



“I LOVED having Marissa as my doula. Throughout my pregnancy she was available for helpful advice, support and encouragement. My husband was deployed for much of my pregnancy so I really needed the extra support and Marissa was my gal. I loved that she made an effort to chat and get to know me as a person along with the pregnancy stuff. Our meetings always felt like getting together with a good friend vs someone who was providing you with a service which was really helpful. During labor, she was calm and encouraging but also knew when to step back and let my hubby step in which he appreciated. And she was GREAT with my nurses and doctor! Thanks again, Marissa for an amazing experience. Would DEFINITELY hire you again if we ever decide to try for a third.”

-Britney M.

"Marissa was a blessing for our family. I had previously had an unplanned c-section in 2012 with my first for "failure to progress" after I had labored for 24 hours and had dilated to 8 cm and 7.5 cm due to the baby being OP. I did not want that to happen again so I researched and knew I needed a doula. Marissa was perfect! She kept my husband calm and that helped my labor to be much more pleasant and I after 36+ hours I was able to have my vbac! I know that Marissa was a huge part of my success and that without her I am sure I would have been taken for a repeat section. She is an amazing doula and has become a great friend to my family. She was wonderful with the nurses and doctor at the hospital as well. If you are looking for a doula you should consider Marissa Peterson, she will do a fantastic job! If we were going to have another I know I would call on her again! Thank you, Marissa!"  

-Angie K.


"Marissa was my doula for my second child and first natural birth. Marissa by far is one of the sweetest and most caring people I have ever met. Whenever I need Marissa she was a phone call, text, or email away. She was my rock during my labor when my husband was deployed the day before I gave birth. If I were to get pregnant again. I will definitely be giving Marissa a call!"

-Jasmine L.